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Chart Recorder
Our pressure testing area includes a High Pressure Test Chamber capable of 50,000 - 75,000 psi and can accept parts or assemblies as large as 84" x 53" x 83".

We can design specialty plugs and/or fixtures to simulate real world pressure conditions. By first evacuating any air within the part, water is then pumped into the part and pressurized up to the specified pressures.

Electronic and/or paper chart recorders are used to accurately measure and document the tested pressures. This documentation can then be used to certify that your parts meet the manufacturing design specifications.

Testing Equipment

The chamber is designed to totally enclose the part to be tested within a double wall of 1/2" steel plate to provide maximum protection in the event of a failure during testing. The chamber includes a rail system to allow for a variety of caddies or tables to be easily shuttled in or out. These tables allow us to bolt down or secure your parts within the chamber such that the high pressure hoses can be secured.

We also have other smaller steel containers which can enclose your part which can then be placed within the chamber.

Pressure Chamber


In addition to pressure testing, the system can be configured to perform an "Autofrettage" process on your parts containing thick-walled cylinders.

Autofrettage is a "plastic" deformation process caused by imposing a very high internal pressure, resulting in compressive and tensile hoop residual stresses at the inside and outside surfaces of the cyclnder respectively. The result is is an increased load carrying capacity, gross resistance to fatigue and inhibits the rate of crack propagation. In otherwords, your part becomes stronger and more durable.

It is well known that the autofrettage process can create the favorable residual stresses in the wall of thick cylinders, which can have significant positive effects upon the cylinder life by influencing fatigue, creep, and stress corrosion cracking resistance.

Fatigue is the source of at least half of all mechanical failures and is very difficult to understand. Autofrettage can have profound effects by limiting fatigue failure, which is common in cylinders designed to operate at their envelope of strenght or experience cyclic loading.

Pressure Chamber Pressure Chamber

Autofrettage on pressure vessels can improve the safety limits and reliability of pressurized components thus allowing for increases in the pressure capacity of the components and enhances the component fatigue life.

Let us help you with your pressure testing and/or autofrettage needs.