“I’ve been with the company 22 years. It feels like family where every person matters and can make a difference. I’ve seen people leave and later come back commenting that they didn’t realize how great this place was to work at.”

Bill Smith

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Wichita Falls, TX 76306

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Believing that it is our people that make us successful, we have been intentional in providing the best environment and equipment to allow our employees to prosper and feel pride in doing a job well.

Our own Mission statement drives this home...

“The purpose of PMT is to increase the quality of life of every member of the team.”

In our view, the “Team” is both the employees as well as our customers. Our strategy with our employees is to empower, equip and hold them accountable.

This mindset has had dramatic positive impacts on both our people and the results that our customers see. With this strong commitment to our employees, our people feel connected and prideful, with a true sense that their efforts matter.

As a result many of our employees have been loyally with us for over 20 to 30 years.

By building a strong relational attitude in our people, we find that our people carry this attitude over to our customers.

Thus our whole company is very customer oriented and sensitive to meeting or exceeding
the expectations of our customers.